Meet Our Team

Tabitha Justice

Stacey Bowles


Stacey has 8 years insurance experience. She primarily focuses on Medicare. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family, boyfriend Daniel, and pets Lana and Fredward. Her favorite activity is kayaking. She also enjoys volunteering with Boone Animal Rescue Coalition by advocating for unwanted animals.

Daniel Moss


Daniel has 8 years of experience in the Financial & Insurance Industry. Daniel’s focal point in his practice is educating and designing retirement strategies, and estate planning for pre retirees. Daniel also works in the business owner space where he provides education on succession, liquidity, and growth strategies. In his spare time Daniel likes to spend time with his daughter Aubrielle, and his family. He also enjoys creating musical compositions & spending time outdoors. He is heavily involved in philanthropy as he is a member of the Coal River Environmentalist Group & Christ Kitchen.

Emanuel Soto


Emanuel has dedicated himself to medicare for the last 4 years. He enjoys helping his community and does his best to provide his best to help it grow. During his spare time Emanuel enjoys spending time with his family, girlfriend, and fur baby, Tobias. He loves food and enjoys burning those calories in the gym and boxing!

Grant Taylor


Grant loves working with people in his community to help make their everyday lives better. His focus is on Medicare, Critical Illness and Life Insurance. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé Emily and their two pups Capone and Cali.

Dakota Thompson


With over 5 years of years of experience in the industry, Dakota has developed a deep passion for helping his clients navigate the many pitfalls of what should (and can) be the most relaxing time of their lives. He is always eager to learn something new and even more so to share what he has learned with others, expanding his circle of influence, and making sure as many seniors as possible within our community receive the help they deserve. When he’s not working, he enjoys table tennis, bowling, reading and card games. He believes in empowerment through education and connection, and is committed to making difficult times easier. His focus is on Medicare, Critical Illness, Life, and ACA.

Charlena Wilburn


Charlena primarily focusing on Medicare and ACA. Before entering the insurance field, she was a dental hygienist for 23 years and still enjoys filling in as a hygienist, occasionally. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Charlena has 2 grandkids, Briggs and Maevery that are her pride and joy. She also enjoys going to Hinton, where she has a camp. Her happy place is the Beach, and she loves to go any chance she gets.